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Temps are on the rise in time for the weekend. While the "Wintermission" is welcomed by many, incoming rain and warm temps increase flood risk.

'Wintermission:' Warm air, rain to arrive in Ontario raising the risk of potential flooding

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Friday, January 10, 2014, 7:25 PM -

Much of Ontario will climb out of the deep freeze this weekend, with some places forecast to see daytime highs above 5°C.

"A deepening low pressure system will approach southern Ontario this evening and move north of the regions Saturday," said Environment Canada in a special weather statement early Friday. "Several weather types will occur before rain spreads across the region."

Light snow picked up across southern Ontario early Friday, resulting in slick and slow conditions for the morning commute. 

Several crashes were reported along major highways through the morning with reports of drivers pulling off to the shoulders as they were "too tired and stressed" to continue driving.

Fog patches moved into the area as early as Friday afternoon. Freezing drizzle is also possible in some places, while the precipitation forecast to start with snow in the northeast.

"Late this evening the rain will move over southwestern Ontario and march eastward," EC adds.

Between 10 and 25 mm of rain are expected for most areas before tapering Saturday afternoon.

"Across eastern Ontario, freezing rain is likely overnight and during the early morning hours Saturday," EC says. 

Environment Canada issued a freezing rain warning for parts of eastern Ontario and southern Quebec with two to six hours possible over these regions. 

The estimated ice accumulation on surfaces is 2-5 mm. As a result, motorists are urged to adjust travel plans accordingly and prepare for local power outages as well. 

"The freezing rain will change to rain across eastern Ontario Saturday morning and the rain may persist until Saturday evening," EC says. 


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