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City staff report advises Toronto to seek disaster relief for storms in 2013 that top $170 million.

Toronto's major storms of 2013 top $170 million, report advises city to seek disaster relief

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Thursday, January 9, 2014, 8:21 AM -

One year, two major storms, $170 million.

A report to Toronto council on Wednesday says the combination of last month's ice storm and the significant flooding in July 2013 will cost the city in excess of $171 million.

According to The Canadian Press, the report suggests council request that the municipal affairs minister declare Toronto a "disaster area'' in an effort to get relief due to the estimated $106 million in costs from last month's ice storm.

300,000 customers in Toronto alone were without power after damage to trees and infrastructure.

Costs from the July rain storm are estimated at $65.2 million.

Parts of Toronto were completely inundated after 126 mm of rain was reported at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

That beat the previous daily rainfall record of 121.4 mm set back in 1954, when Hurricane Hazel hit.

The late afternoon storm caused massive power outages, flooded numerous highways and streets and shut down the entire subway system at one point.

About 1,400 people were caught by the flooding aboard a northbound GO Transit train (at Bayview and Pottery Rd.).

It took police and firefighters about seven hours to ferry everyone to dry ground aboard small inflatable boats.

The report also suggests that Toronto request additional provincial and federal disaster assistance for the city and Toronto Hydro through any current relevant programs.

It also recommends the city to call on provincial and federal governments to develop new programs for future disaster mitigation.

With files from The Canadian Press

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