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It's April 25, 2011 and a powerful low pressure system is moving through the southern Plains. The Super Outbreak of 2011 - the largest, costliest, and one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history - is about to begin.

Tornado outbreak: One of Canada's largest now revealed

First 30°C in Canada? Who are these lucky Canadians?

5 reasons why spring's unpredictability is just the worst

Flooding spreading across the Prairies. Are you at risk?

Rainy midweek ahead of summer-like heat in southern Ontario

Major Canadian cities on track for historic April cold

Significant flooding risk in B.C.: Are you vulnerable?

Massive, damaging waterspout roars ashore in Florida

Teen group swept away in Israel flash flood; at least 9 dead

Snow creeps back into Ontario's forecast: Locations at risk

Heavy downpours heighten flood concerns in Atlantic Canada

Plane forced to make emergency landing on Calgary road

April showers bring hidden mould dangers: What to watch for

Tornado capital of the world goes quiet. Here's why.

Dust advisory issued for 5 B.C. communities, here's where

Two planes make emergency stop on Canadian highways

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