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Hurricane force winds continued to batter parts of Alberta on Friday, and there's one more day of vicious gusts to come on Saturday. Damage to structures and numerous toppled tractor trailers were reported through Thursday afternoon amid a peak wind gust in excess of 160 km/h. More who'll be seeing the last of the strong winds (at least, for now), how the strong westerlies will drive temperatures up this weekend, plus a heightened avalanche threat.

Ontario: Mild, but searching for sun this weekend

Global CO2 emissions reach record values

Largest diamond in North America found in N.W.T.

Two people bitten by bobcat suspected to be rabid

Here's how you can reduce holiday waste

'Life threatening' avalanches threaten B.C.'s backcountry

Zombie storm set to dump 400 mm of rain on Australia

Incredible ice formations found in B.C. cave

Window washer falls to his death at Trump Tower Las Vegas

6-year-old left in cold after being put on wrong school bus

Turkish train crash in Ankara kills nine, injures 47

California fire survivors sue electric utility

Rising sea level means rising costs for Saint John

Can astronomy explain the biblical Star of Bethlehem?

Earthquake shakes Tennessee, second strongest on record

East Coast woman considers 'moving away' after icy fall

Montreal to make parking available during snow removal

Must see: So cold this daddy long-legs froze in place

Dramatic images show how long Maria kept Puerto Rico in dark

Yukon's swelling number of bear hunting permits 'a mystery'

Atlantic Canada lull almost over, big storm eyes region

Ontario town rattled by 'mining-related' earthquake

Heads up! Bright Comet Wirtanen flies by Earth on Sunday

TSB investigation finds planes 'frequently aren't de-iced'

Spilled cash blows in the wind, leads to crashes on highway

Damaging wind storm, heavy rain and snow target B.C.

Earliest sunsets of the year happening now, before winter

Why does your long range forecast change?

Images show Aral Sea vanishing before our eyes

Air pocket saves man trapped underwater for hours

Quebec: November's chill bumps heating costs by 8 percent

Metres of snow target B.C. alpine, big low lurking on Friday

B.C. sea sponges show resilience in face of climate change

Synthetic diamonds are forever, too

Nearly entire southern half of Manitoba covered in fog

East: Brace for whiteouts as more snow, wind hits Avalon

Flash flooding, severe storms target snowstorm-stricken U.S.

2018 has 'pulverized many meteorological records,' see how

Top 25 most Christmassy countries, here's where Canada ranks

Thousands still without power after deadly U.S. snow storm

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