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Residents of an Ocala townhouse complex were ordered to evacuate on Wednesday after a number of sinkholes opened up near their homes.

Newest, hi-res Milky Way map is a jaw-dropper. See it here

Never forgotten: Super Outbreak 2011 anniversary

Tornado outbreak: One of Canada's largest now revealed

First 30°C in Canada? Who are these lucky Canadians?

Scientists develop new formula to repel and kill mosquitoes

5 reasons why spring's unpredictability is just the worst

Heavy downpours heighten flood concerns in Atlantic Canada

Flooding spreading across the Prairies. Are you at risk?

Plane forced to make emergency landing on Calgary road

From seizures to burns, stay far from these toxic plants

Here's how to keep your allergy symptoms at bay

Girl nearly dies after swallowing water from a pool noodle

Ocean 'heat waves' on the rise, destroying entire ecosystems

Significant flooding risk in B.C.: Are you vulnerable?

Monkey in 'selfie' cannot sue for copyright, U.S. court says

Two turtle species that need your help

TICK SEASON: 5 little-known facts pet owners should know

Calgary to Edmonton in half an hour may become reality

California risks severe 'whiplash' from drought to flood

Despite what you've heard, the world is NOT ending today

Two planes make emergency stop on Canadian highways

PHOTO: Osprey clutches a shark which is carrying a fish

Storm erosion unearthing skeletal remains at NY cemetery

Teen group swept away in Israel flash flood; at least 9 dead

Rocket launch renews concerns over Inuit food security

Humans and giant sloths used to fight to the death: Evidence

Snow creeps back into Ontario's forecast: Locations at risk

Globalization may actually be OK for the environment

You'll soon be able to sleep in the cargo hold of an Airbus

Photos of vicious Canada goose attack go viral. See here

Rainy midweek ahead of summer-like heat in southern Ontario

April showers bring hidden mould dangers: What to watch for

Major Canadian cities on track for historic April cold

Tornado capital of the world goes quiet. Here's why.

Dust advisory issued for 5 B.C. communities, here's where

Space Journey: Hubble's astonishing 28 year contribution

Mysterious Arctic holes baffle NASA scientists

On the hunt for science in 'science-based' hunts

Dolphins, killer whales spotted for first time in BC waters

Plastic wrap is often pollution for profit

Massive, damaging waterspout roars ashore in Florida

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