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If you're a fan of tropical weather, Monday will be just to your liking across southern Ontario, as the temperature and humidity will once again rise across the region - in some cases, to potentially dangerous levels.

Soaking rains for Atlantic Canada ahead of warm up

50 Canada geese found dead, lightning strike may be to blame

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'War zone' scenes as EF-2 tornado rips through Pennsylvania

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Some residents can return home in flooded Slave Lake region

Current 'earthquake drought' certain not to last, here's why

Atl. Canada's soggy system drags temps well below normal

'I just thought it was the end': Woman survives bear attack

Hawaii pot farmers won't give up on crop as lava encroaches

Heat entrenched this week, thunderstorm risk bubbles up

How can kids handle climate change? By throwing a tantrum!

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Ontario tornado upgraded to EF-2, second twister confirmed

Couple uses southwest fire as backdrop for wedding photos

Recycle your old scrap metal and make money doing it

McDonald’s UK to go from 1.8 MILLION to 0 straws per day

6 feet of snow in Labrador 'unprecedented' this late in June

Baseball size hail, tornado rip across the Prairies: Photos

Powerful storms prompt tornado warnings on the Prairies

Report shows staggering amount of E-waste created in 2016

Toxic leftovers from Giant Mine found in snowshoe hares

B.C. man wakes to find adult bear in his living room

Poop burning camping mishap ends in fast-spreading fire

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