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Rescuers come to the aid of a trapped swan in the Toronto Harbour

Swan rescued from icy Toronto Harbour waters

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 3:00 PM -

Frigid temperatures have had an impact on just about everyone across the country, including wildlife. 

About a month ago, we brought you a disturbing story about a swan with its bill completely encased in ice in Port Dalhousie, Ontario. 

Temperatures since then have -- for the most part -- remained the same, thus prompting a similar situation in Toronto on Tuesday. 

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According to CTV News Toronto, a swan that was trapped in ice in the Toronto Harbour was rescued after crew members on board a Toronto fire boat spotted the distressed bird. 

The bird was found flapping its wings in a hopeless effort to escape, but was having no such luck.

As you can see in the video above, rescuers used a net during the rescue as a safety shield against a bird that is known to get aggressive when trying to protect itself. 

"Before we got down there, he was flapping around already. We were a little concerned and some of the guys were warning us about it to begin with," said one rescuer to CTV Toronto. 

After dumping a bucket of hot water around the area, rescuers were eventually able to free the bird and send it on its way.

Source: CTV News Toronto

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