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After two weeks of storms and with nearly 200 cm of snow on the ground, Boston is gearing up for another wintry weekend.

Blizzard warning issued in Boston; city has nowhere to put it

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, February 14, 2015, 1:09 PM - There's another epic snow storm heading to Boston, even as the city hasn't finished digging out from the last few.

With nearly 200 cm of snow on the ground, city crews are working at a breakneck pace to clear snowbanks and make sure the roads are treated, ahead of at least 25 cm of snow en route.

The city, along with parts of several New England States, are under a blizzard warning, with extended winds gusting more than 100 km/h. 

"Travel will become nearly impossible and potentially life-threatening due to whiteout conditions," the National Weather Service says. "Conditions will remain dangerous for travel well into Sunday due to blowing and drifting snow resulting in reduced visibility. Power outages can be expected at some locations due to very strong winds."

The storm gets going Saturday afternoon and evening, with its full fury continuing Sunday.

That's a big problem for Boston, which has had trouble putting away the snow it already has. It's so bad that officials have considered simply dumping it into the ocean, and city has spent almost double its $18 million snow removal budget.

Boston isn't built for that level of snow, which caused at least 20 roof collapses and has caused no end of grief to anyone wielding a shovel.

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And that storm has Canada in its crosshairs.

Winter storm and blizzard warnings are widespread across the Atlantic provinces, with an astounding 50+ cm expected to fall on parts of the region.

That's to say nothing of expected winds gusting past 100 km/h, threatening power infrastructure and driving down visibility on the roads, once it intensifies overnight into Sunday.

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