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Summer season is around the corner, don't forget about your pets at home. In particular your dogs. 5 tips to keep them safe and sound during the summer season.
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Keep your pets cool and safe this summer with these 5 tips

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Friday, June 8, 2018, 4:32 PM - Summer is all about fun in the sun, especially with our four-legged friends. However, with rising temperatures and more time spent outdoors, this could mean more trips to the veterinarian.

Heat stroke is certainly of concern and ticks are a hot topic as they can spread Lyme disease to pets and their owners.

Here are five tips to help protect your pets this season, courtesy of Dr. Meredith Allum, veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Oakville in Oakville, Ontario.

  1. Prevent heat stroke: It's important to keep your pet cool. Around this time of year, officials take the opportunity to remind the public to never leave children and pets unattended in hot cars. Temperatures can rise quickly inside a vehicle, resulting in heat exhaustion and in some cases, death. Veterinarians often treat heat stroke with intravenous fluid therapy to provide hydration directly into the bloodstream. It's also a good idea to surround your pets with ice packs and cool blankets if they are overheated.
  2. Watch out for hot surfaces: We have all walked on hot pavement in the summer. Ouch! It can get really hot during the summertime, which can easily burn your pet's footpads. Owners should give their furry friends an opportunity to walk on the grass.
  3. Prevent Lyme disease and ticks: Black-legged ticks are known to spread Lyme disease. If you find a tick, it's essential to remove it right away. Tick twister tools are available at local pet supply retailers and online. Talk to your veterinarian as there are a number of medications available to prevent Lyme Disease. Stay out of long grasses, brush and leaf cover as these are areas where ticks tend to hang out.
  4. Prevent bug bites: While mosquitoes are repelled by citronella, dogs have a keen sense of smell and owners should be cognizant of using product that is overpowering. It's a much better idea to spray insect repellent on a T-shirt or bandanna.
  5. Water safety: If your pup likes to swim, it's always important to supervise them in case they run into any trouble. Owners can purchase brightly coloured life vests so they can be visible to other swimmers and boaters.
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