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A series of systems are impacting southern Ontario this week. Forecasters are also keeping an eye on a major storm that could hit the region next week.

Forecast models suggest a "major" winter storm in southern Ontario next week

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 7:25 PM -

Forecast models are hinting that southern Ontario could see a significant winter storm next week.

"Weather models are currently hinting at a possible major winter storm which could impact southern Ontario starting a week from today. The storm could start late next Tuesday and stick around all day Wednesday," says Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani.

"Given that this potential storm is approximately a week away it is difficult to pin down the specifics with regards to snowfall amounts, exact timing and exact track of the storm. What we can say is that some weather models are tracking this storm directly through southern Ontario, and then pushing it right into Atlantic Canada while others track it further east into the United States. If it does track further into the U.S., the eastern seaboard could be harder hit than Ontario." 

Vaswani says the storm will likely develop in the Texas area, as a "Texas low." 

 Weather Network Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott got the conversation going this evening when he hinted of what's to come:

Texas lows are packed with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and they typically bring significant snowfall along with them.

"This type of storm would be particularly impactful given that for most of January, Ontario has been seeing a series of Alberta Clippers which are normally much drier systems that bring lighter snow given the cold arctic air they are associated with," Vaswani says.

While this is definitely a storm to watch, Vaswani says it's not worth changing your travel plans just yet. 

"At the moment, the forecast could go either way. We'll have a better idea of the details in the days to come."

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Meanwhile, temperatures are bitterly cold across southern Ontario, prompting widespread windchill warnings this evening.

Slick driving conditions are expected across the region tomorrow.

An Alberta Clipper is expected to move into northwestern Ontario Wednesday night into Thursday morning, eventually impacting southern Ontario Thursday overnight into Friday.

Be sure to check back for regular updates on these storms and tune into The Weather Network on TV as we track the snowfall amounts and possible impact.

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