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Dangerous cold weather in the U.S.

Cold temperatures, snow and ice hit popular warm-weather tourist destinations in the southern U.S.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 12:16 PM -

Winter weather has been relentless across much of Canada this year and it seems to be stretching as far as popular warm-weather tourist destinations in the states. 

Several residents stocked up on fuel and groceries on Monday in anticipation of the storm.

From the Midwest to the Southeast, schools and offices shut their doors while road crews prepared early Tuesday as the storm began to move in from the central U.S.

Snow, ice and below freezing temperatures were forecast across a widespread area.

It's a region accustomed to air conditioners and sunscreen, now trading that in for snow shovels and parkas.

Police from parts of Texas to southeastern Virginia warned motorists to stay off the roads.

Officials say this new blast of frigid arctic air is bringing the coldest temperatures of the winter so far and is once again wreaking havoc for air travelers.

More than 2,000 flights were cancelled on Tuesday.

Chicago was preparing for an historic deep freeze.

Sub-zero temperatures that will struggle to rise above zero for another day, could have the windy city in the longest stretch of cold since 1983.

Since October, Iowa is experiencing the ninth coldest winter in over 100 years.

Bitter cold temperatures continue to grip southern Ontario, more snow and messy driving expected through the week

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