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Massive beached whale in India exposes growing concern

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Friday, January 29, 2016, 9:06 AM - Just weeks after more than 80 whales washed ashore in southern India, a 30-foot long dead Bryde's whale was spotted on Mumbai's popular Juhu beach.

Experts say the marine mammal weighs around four tonnes and died at sea before washing ashore. The carcass was spotted by joggers Thursday evening and by Friday morning, the whale drew large crows on the beach until it was removed by the help of a crane, according to NDTV.

Officials say the 30-foot mammal was dead for about two or three days.

"There are no wounds. A postmortem will be done and we will try to preserve its skeleton," Makarand B Ghodke, conservator in the Mumbai Forest Department told NDTV.

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The cause of death is still unknown but experts say there are several possible causes of death, including sound or industry pollution, plastic consumption or disease.

The Bryde's whale is found worldwide in warm temperate and tropical waters. Reports indicate this is the second biggest whale to have beached along the Maharashtra coast. A 42-foot long blue whale died last year after a 10-hour struggle to push her back into the sea in Alibaugh, near Mumbai, NDTV reports.

The recent beaching has emphasized the need for a team to deal with these incidents.


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