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Animals | Cold Snap

Viral video: Strange way alligators endure cold-snap

News Agency

Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 15:09 - A video taken on Saturday (January 6) showed alligators trying to stay alive in a frozen North Carolina pond by sticking their snouts through the ice.

The cold-blooded reptiles at Shallotte River Swamp Park could be seen breathing through the gaps in the ice made with their snouts in a pond frozen by a brutal cold spell. The reptiles cannot generate their own body heat. 

Experts say once the alligators are able to breath through the ice, they fall into a state of hibernation known as brumation by lowering their body temperatures and metabolism. Once it becomes warm and the ice melts, the creatures will thermoregulate their body temperatures to their regular state. 

George Howard, the general manager of the Shallotte River Swamp Park, told Reuters in an email, 'This is typical behaviour in cold temperatures, used as survival mechanism to breathe. They are in a state called brumation. This has caused no harm'.

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