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Cold air is flowing into the region ahead of a major storm. Find out when it'll hit your area.

Heavy rainfall leaves villages isolated in Thailand

Winter holds the upper hand in Alberta

PHOTOS: Allan Hawco the next weather presenter?

Brrr! Alberta facing (extreme!) bone-chilling temperatures

Fashion Forecast: First snowfall fashion

Snow hits northern, southern Ontario

PHOTOS: Massive destruction, complete devastation

Alberta winter wallop saw dozens of collisions

How you can help the Philippines

Indonesia volcano erupts, thousands flee

Take better (or better yet, spectacular) fall photos

Death toll rises as rain batters Oman

Winter Outlook is Coming

MUST SEE: Nasty storm hits Newfoundland, Allan Hawco weighs in

More heavy snow, frigid temps for the Prairies

Subtropical Storm Melissa strengthens, could impact Newfoundland this week

U.S. tornado outbreak leaves trail of destruction

Strong winds and thunderstorm potential in Ontario

B.C. snow bad news for drivers, great news for skiers

Squatting for subway rides

Pictures of the Storm Hunters journey through Tornado Alley

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