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What does Mother Nature have in store for your Halloween night?

Your Halloween Forecast: A treat for some, tricky for others

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Monday, October 31, 2016, 7:36 AM - The biggest night of the year for little ghouls and goblins is here. What Mother Nature will offer you out of her proverbial weather candy bowl?

It's looking like a spooky forecast for some, a treat for others. Read on for your coast-to-coast Halloween weather details!

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British Columbia

A series of low pressure systems moving into the southern coast have been keeping things soggy and, unfortunately for most, Halloween night will be no exception.

A gap between the chain of systems could bring some breaks in showers later in the evening for Victoria, and even to Vancouver for the real night owls. But generally speaking, trick-or-treaters across the southern tier of the province should be prepared for at least some light precipitation.

On the plus side (quite literally) temperatures across the southern half of the province will be some of the warmest across the country, hovering around +10 C throughout the evening hours, with relatively light southwesterly winds.

Alberta & Saskatchewan

An upper-level low sliding along the U.S. border is stirring up some rain and snow for the southern tier of the Prairies but by and large, most of the major population centres in Alberta and Saskatchewan are forecast to have a precipitation-free Halloween night. The exception is Regina, where light showers should be ending just in time for prime trick-or-treat time.

Most other regions should remain mostly dry apart from isolated flurries across cloudy skies in the north, albeit cool. On that note, a temperature range of 2 to 5 C for the evening hours of Monday should be expected.

The Territories

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the evening hours will be characteristically chilly, with temperatures around -3 to -9 across the capital cities. While the Northwest Territories will remain largely dry, much of both the Yukon and Nunavut will likely see a few flurries throughout the evening hours.

Manitoba & Northwestern and Central Ontario

Few would call this region’s forecast a treat for Halloween, as widespread showers are expected throughout Monday and into Tuesday morning.

A low-pressure system travelling eastward along the international border is presently forecast to drop 10 to 20 mm of rain throughout the day over the region.

Although rain may put a damper on door-to-door trick-or-treating, those willing to head outside will benefit from relatively mild temperatures in the range of 5 to 10 C throughout the evening hours; no need for a full parka underneath that superhero outfit this year!

Southern and Eastern Ontario & Quebec

A ridge of high pressure over the region means dark, mainly clear skies under the new moon in southern Ontario and Quebec on Halloween night.

Temperatures across the GTA and into southwestern Ontario should hovering around 5 C in the evening hours, which is slightly above normal for this time of year.

In eastern Ontario and southern Quebec, temperatures will be more in the 0 to 5 C range, which might make it a good idea to layer-up before putting on that costume!

The Maritimes

A trough of low pressure passing over the Maritimes brings with it the threat of scattered showers on Halloween night, though they should thankfully be few and far between. Northern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island have the best chance of seeing sprinkles through the evening hours.

Overall, temperatures in this region are forecast to hover between 5 to 10 C during prime trick-or-treat time, however moderate northwesterly winds across PEI will likely make it feel much cooler there.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Showers will likely affect western Newfoundland throughout the evening hours of Halloween, though generally only 5 mm or less is forecast to accumulate here. Meanwhile most of the eastern half of the island, including the city of St. John’s, and all of Labrador should remain dry. Showers pushing into the St. John's area should hold off long enough for kids to gather their candy without getting wet, but anyone with night owl plans might benefit from bringing an umbrella along for the ride.

Evening temperatures across the island will be between 5 to 10 C, while those in Labrador will largely be between -5 and -10 C.

Happy haunting, everyone! Stay safe, and have fun!


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