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A machine that uses humidity to create clean water

Michelle Mackey
Weather Broadcaster

Monday, December 10, 2018, 5:14 PM - It's now possible to create clean drinking water from the air, and that could be a game-changer when it comes to natural disaster aid.

The innovative use of technology comes courtesy of a company called WaterGen.

WaterGen CEO Ed Russo says the machine uses an algorithm that senses barometric pressure and temperature. It uses that, along with humidity, to create clean drinking water.

"We use the humidity in the air, the air we’re breathing right now, and we create rain in a box,” he says.

When disaster strikes, WaterGen can send out their heavy-duty trucks that transport 600-liter-capacity atmospheric water generator units to those in need.

“After Harvey hit south Texas, we got a call from FEMA and the Red Cross," Russo says.

"They wanted to know if this technology really worked. So we packed up and moved over to Port Arthur Texas and we provided water there. The key here is you don’t have to be resupplied.”

Then Irma tore through Florida, and in 2018 Hurricane Michael ravaged the panhandle. WaterGen was there to provide thousands of gallons of fresh water.

The company is now working with officials in California, where several water sources have been polluted by the recent wildfires.

"The people there are having a very difficult time," Russo says.

"Something has to be done.”


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