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Two cars were swallowed by this sinkhole and a fire truck fell into another not far away.

WATCH: SUV falls into massive sinkhole in intense storm

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, February 18, 2017, 6:29 PM - After suffering from a years-long drought, California's torrential rains this weekend have come at a high cost.

At least four people have been killed as a result of a storm that began affecting the state Friday. The BBC reports one died when a tree fell on a power line and dragged it onto his car, while another driver was killed when the vehicle was submerged by floodwaters. Two others died in collisions.

The video above is one of the most dramatic to come out of the storm: That sinkhole swallowed two cars, and the driver of one, a 48-year-old woman, had to be rescued by firefighters and taken to hospital. NBC reports the driver of the second vehicle was able to escape on their own.

It was just one of several sinkholes that opened up as a result of the intense storms, one of which consumed a fire truck as well.

Across the state, the storms left some 150,000 customers without power, and forced the evacuations of 300 homes. The rains triggered flash flooding that has also damaged infrastructure.

By the time the last of the storms exit the region, up to 150 mm of rain is expected to have fallen on coastal areas, and even more at higher elevations.

The system -- a product of "bombogenesis," a major drop in pressure over a very short period of time -- also produced strong winds topping 140 km/h, enough to topple high-sided vehicles on some highways.


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