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A peacock that escaped from the High Park Zoo earlier this week has come home to roost.

Peacock ends life on the lam, returns to High Park Zoo

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 10:00 AM - The Great Toronto Peacock Caper is at an end, with the missing bird now back at the zoo.

The flamboyant fugitive returned to his home at the High Park zoo Wednesday morning, after escaping on Friday.

Looks like he still had a point to make about his independence, as he decided to cool his heels in the bison pen for a bit on Wednesday morning rather than rejoining his plumed comrades right away.

His romp through the neighbourhood captured quite a bit of attention after he was spotted flitting from roof to roof.

He defied all attempts of wildlife officers to capture him with nets, and they actually gave up the attempt on Saturday for fear of spooking him, according to CBC News. 

Zoo staff did ask the public to report any sightings by calling 311, and planned to put out feeding stations to try lure the bird before he returned on his own.

This days-long gallivant was actually the bird's second shot at freedom. It actually first escaped last Wednesday, but was coaxed back into its coop on Thursday.

It's been a week for wildlife in the city. A deer and a coyote were spotted around the Greater Toronto Area this week, and a black bear invaded Newmarket over the weekend.

That story did not end as well as the peacock's. After being contained in a backyard and then climbing a tree, the bear was shot by York Regional Police as it began to descend.

SOURCES: The Weather Network | CBC | CTV

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