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Unlocking your car with your brain!

Friday, April 18, 2014, 1:26 PM -

We’ve all been there, walking out of a shopping mall or grocery store, only to realize that you don’t remember where you have parked your car. 

All of a sudden the parking lot looks as if it’s the same size as ten football fields. You start to panic thinking your car may have been stolen and hit the panic button on your car’s keyless entry remote, but you’re too far for the signal to trigger. 

Well, time to use your head… literally. 

Hold your remote car key under your chin with your mouth slightly open to be able to unlock your car from a much further distance. 

As crazy as this sounds, it actually works! The oral cavity, along with all the fluids in your head, act as a conductor, allowing you to increase the space between yourself and your vehicle. Think of it as those ancient bunny ear antennas we used to have on top of our TV sets to get better reception. 

Professor Roger Bowley from the University of Nottingham has taken this myth one step further. You can now unlock your car using your brain, and if you’d still like to gain some more distance you can also add water into the mix. 

Take a look at the video below to see if this new myth really works. Go ahead, give it a try and then let us know! 

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