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Outside a small village, a man on a walk came across something he's never seen before.

Two moose found frozen in battle. See photos here

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Saturday, November 19, 2016, 12:38 PM - During a trek near a remote village on Alaska's western coast, hiker Brad Webster and his friend discovered two bull moose literally frozen in time.

Encased in thick ice, the moose were found in Unalakleet along the Bering Sea with their antlers locked together.

Webster took his friend for a tour of the local Covenant Bible Camp on Nov. 2 when they spotted the animals.

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"That's when we saw it," Webster said in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

He initially thought it was just one frozen moose, but upon closer inspection, he realized there was two.

It was the end of mating season when the moose were discovered, meaning they were most likely battling over territory or a female, the friends noted on Facebook.


According to Webster, there's a good chance one of the animals was wounded by the other's antlers and together, they drowned in the frigid water.

"It was a very interesting experience," Webster told The Associated Press.

Webster and his friend captured images of the animals and returned to the scene several days after to remove the frozen moose.

"The plan is to remove intact for a very unique head mount," Webster's friend Jeff Erickson posted on Facebook.


Retired biologist Bill Samuel at the University of Alberta told National Geographic he has never seen anything quite like this before.

"This happens rarely when bulls of equal size can't decide who is boss just by displaying to each other," Samuel told the magazine.

While moose skulls have been found entangled in the past, it's rare to find them encased in ice.

"I have heard of locked bucks that were basically eaten alive by coyotes," Samuel told National Geographic. "Nature can be nasty."

SOURCE: National Geographic | The Associated Press | Thumbnail 

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