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Meteorolgists Doug Gillham and Jaclyn Whittal discuss where the storm will go -- and who it will impact.

Tropical Storm Karen forms in the Gulf of Mexico, prompts hurricane watch from Florida to Louisiana

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    Friday, October 4, 2013, 6:57 PM -

    TRACKING KAREN: Starting Friday at 1 p.m. EST and extending all weekend The Weather Network updates Tropical Storm Karen at the top of every hour on television. Analysis, photos and video will help track Karen towards landfall. Remember, updates every hour on TV all weekend.

    Tropical Storm Karen formed in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico Thursday morning, prompting a hurricane watch along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. 

    A tropical storm watch has also been issued for parts of the Louisiana coast west of Grand Isle, including the metro New Orleans area and Lake Pontchartrain.

    According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center, a gradual turn toward the north and a decrease in forward speed are expected over the next 48 hours.

    "Karen is expected to produce areas of heavy rainfall over portions of western Cuba and northeastern Yucatan Peninsula during the next day or so," the centre says in their statement.

    VIDEO: What's a hurricane eyewall? Meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal explains.

    According to Weather Network meteorologist Brian Dillon, the exact landfall is undetermined at this point.

    "As remnants of the storm come on shore, it will bring heavy rain to the Carolinas," he says.

    "Tropical moisture form the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean will slide north-eastward into parts of Atlantic Canada by early next week."

    Meanwhile, FEMA has recalled furloughed workers in anticipation of the storm.

    WATCH: How much damage can a Category 5 hurricane do? Find out here.

    The agency hasn't specified how many employees will be returning to work.

    Karen isn't the only weather story that will be making headlines this weekend.

    Blizzards, tornadoes and wildfires are expected to pop up across the country starting Friday morning.


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