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Thousands of Canadians struggle to get home amid relentless storms

Travel agencies scramble to bring Canadians home amid bitter winter storms

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    Sunday, February 16, 2014, 1:30 PM -

    There have been over 75,000 cancelled flights in 2014 in the U.S. and its all due to a series of winter storms battering the East Coast. 

    Even thousands of kilometres away, local travel agencies are scrambling to bring home customers who are stuck abroad, or to completely change the travel plans of families hoping to take a vacation to somewhere hot via the East Coast. 

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    "It's quite horrible right now because I know its the long weekend here," said Lesley Paull of Paull Travel Edmonton in an interview with The Weather Network. "But its also Presidents' Day in the U.S. so to start with that means every flight is full, and all those people can't be re-booked because there is no space, its already full." 

    STORM STRICKEN EAST COAST: Atlantic Canada prepares for yet another bitter winter storm

    Now the Edmonton international Airport has not seen any significant delays, but the problem lays for those heading east as further active weather advisories have been issued for eastern Canada. 

    People are advised to check with their airlines before heading out, as unsettled weather patterns continue for parts of British Columbia and Atlantic Canada

    "There are all kind of rules that we haven't seen for a long time, allowing people to cancel, get refunds, 'don't go if you don't have to', so that there might be seats for people that really do have to get somewhere," adds Paull.

    Nature Unleashed: Tornado fury
    Extreme winter has Edmonton snow removal crews working around the clock
    City of Edmonton working to create safer roads this winter
    Parking bans in effect for the City of Edmonton
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