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Yesterday's storms were in eastern Ontario. See who's in for it this afternoon, and what's to come.

Thunderstorm risk targets northern Ontario Sunday

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, May 25, 2014, 1:43 PM - The toasty weather in Ontario had a sting in its tail Saturday.

While temperatures province-wide were into the 20s, the heat and humidity helped fuel thunderstorms, which burst to life over eastern Ontario in the afternoon.

While they were non-severe for the most part, those storms still produced significant hail and rain. Scenes like the one below, from Chesterville, Ont., were not uncommon:

On Sunday, warm temperatures remain, but it is northern Ontario's turn for severe weather.

"There's a risk for some isolated severe thunderstorms," Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg said Sunday. "Hail, gusty winds and downpours are the highest risk."

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for parts of the northwest up along the Manitoba border, and the non-severe risk area is expected to stretch over all of the north as far along as Wawa, Ont.

Temperature-wise, there's good news for that part of the province.

"Northern Ontario saw temperatures in the mid to high 20s yesterday, and expected to see even warmer temperatures today," Sonnenburg said.

It was even warmer there than in the south of the province, which was basking in temperatures nicely above 20C.

But active weather returns to southern Ontario, particularly the southwest, which Weather Network forecasters say is most at-risk for non-severe thunderstorms on Monday evening.

There are currently no watches, warnings or advisories in effect for that part of the province, although that may change. Tune in to the Weather Network on TV and check back to our website for regular updates.

WHAT'S THE WORST KIND OF RAIN? Not every downpour is the same. Watch the video below for what to look out for.

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