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Tech contest finalist: A wrist-wearable selfie drone

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 12:40 PM - Okay. This selfie thing is getting out of hand. In a very literal sense.

Ever found yourself in a situation - like dangling off a mountain ledge or learning to walk a tightrope - where you'd really, REALLY like to take a selfie, but you kind of need both your hands?

Not to worry. The good folks at tech company Nixie want to enable your hands-free selfie needs, via a camera that transforms from wristband to flying drone when you need it to.

We can't help but feel we're getting a little closer to peak selfie with this device, but no reasonable person wouldn't think it's an impressive concept. Here's the design team's preview of it:

Before you get out your wallets, we hate to tell you this, but it's still in development.

But there's good news: The prototype appears to have impressed the judges at Intel's "Make it Wearable" tech contest - helping the dev team score a fat $500,000 grand prize, beating out competitors that themselves look like they've travelled to us from 2020.

We don't know how much time it takes to bring something like this to market, but for sure there'll be a demand for it.

The device has been featured on a number of tech websites already, including Gizmodo.

Check out more details on the device from the Nixie team, and like their Facebook page while you're at it.

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