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Summer lover's guide to spring: What to remember

Emily Vukovic
Video Journalist

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 2:30 PM - Remember when I told you I was trying to love winter?  Well, now I’m trying to love spring.

Spring is one of those seasons that you can either love or hate. You love it, because it’s a season of new growth, warming temperatures, and a promise that - in a few short months - you’ll be in flip flops and possibly at the beach. You hate it, becase it can be fickle. It can snow one day, and act like summer the next.

No matter how you feel about the season, let’s make one thing clear. It’s NOT summer. I know some people like to get excited and wear shorts on a 8 degree day, and there are people that still wear their winter coats when it’s 12 degrees, but I think it’s time we find a happy medium.


Here are some things you can do to enjoy the SPRING season.

Visit our Complete Guide to Spring 2018 for an in depth look at the Spring Forecast, tips to plan for it and much more.

Take in the sun

Vitamin D is so important to our bodies, and during the winter when the days get shorter we see less sunshine and may not be getting what we need. "Vitamin D has been coming back low in so many of my patients lately," says Naturopath Doctor Justin Gallant. "Getting your vitamin D tested before winter comes is a great idea because it’s only going to go downhill until summertime." Our skin is the way we absorb sunlight, and that's what creates our supply of the precious vitamin. So sit on a bench, soak it in, and be outside as much as you can in the spring when the sun is shining.

Find things to do outside, but dress for it

I know, I feel like I’m always telling people to dress for the conditions (and most of the time I need to take my own advice), but this one is important. Think removable layers. For example, here is a snapshot of the Oakville hourly forecast. The temperature doubles in the span of 4 hours. Take advantage of the warming conditions and go for a hike, take up cycling or finally start running outside again.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty

Spring cleaning comes in many forms, but getting out into the garden is my favourite. Putting on a new pair of gardening gloves and smelling the dirt is exhilarating for me and cleaning up my yard to make room for all of the spring flowers to blossom is super satisfying. 

In their element... #snowdrops #snow #floral #flowers #winter #spring #cold

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Last but not least, don’t over do it.

Don’t be that person that goes outside in 5 degree weather and pretends it’s warm, don’t begin your marathon training outside before you stretch and always make an appointment with your massage therapist before you pull muscles that you haven’t used in a year gardening. By the way, I’m writing all of these things after taking my dog for a marathon walk while freezing in a tank top.

Watch below: Do April showers really bring May flowers?

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