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Saskatchewan may be in for some rough weather. Get the details.

Strong storms target the Prairies

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, August 17, 2014, 10:23 AM - Another summer afternoon, another round of thunderstorm risk on the Prairies this Sunday.

A low pressure system is set to slowly make its way through the region over the next 48 hours, bringing showers and thunderstorms as it passes.

But in Saskatchewan in particular, the ingredients are there for potentially severe storms, stretching in a wide band that includes the capital Regina.

The storms will pop up behind the upper low in the afternoon, stretching into the evening, as the effects of daytime heating stir the pot.

Forecasters are warning that some cells, particularly along the Manitoba and Saskatchewan border, could produce local amounts of 30-50 mm.

The biggest threat from those severe storms will be heavy rain, thanks to potential training cells, which are a succession of storms one after the other along a line.

Skywatchers may spot weak funnel clouds, particularly over southeastern Saskatchewan, although forecasters say they won't be indicative of any supercells.

As that line exits overnight, southern Manitoba will be most at risk of storms into Monday, although they are not expected to be severe.

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