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The little critters are taking over a park in downtown Mobile.

Squirrels over-run park in Mobile, Alabama

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    Friday, January 17, 2014, 2:52 PM -

    If you visit Bienville Square in downtown Mobile, Alabama, it won't be your typical walk in the park.

    There are hundreds of squirrels scurrying and scampering about and if you have food, beware. These squirrels aren't just waiting to be fed -- they'll take it from you.

    The bold squirrels have been attracting quite a bit of attention.

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    Many people visit the park armed with a camera in hopes of capturing a few snapshots.

    It's important to note if you hand-feed squirrels, there's a chance you could get nipped.

    If you do, consult with a health care professional. While the rodents can carry a variety of diseases, veterinarian John Bentley says the risk of contracting a serious illness from a squirrel is relatively low.

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