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Initial storm first blew over, than bombarded by this sucker. Beyond the trees it truly seemed like a train was cruising along, then the wall of hail fell.

See huge hail, epic skies from overnight Alberta storms

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 6:51 AM - There are almost certainly plenty of cracked windshields and property damage in parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan after Tuesday's intense storms.

Severe thunderstorms dropped hail the size of golf balls and clementines on some areas, and some roads looked as if they were coated in snow.

Localized flooding was also reported in some areas, as some cells dropped as much as 75 mm of rain in an hour.

The storms sparked tornado warnings in the Carstairs, Airdrie and Crossfield areas, with storm chasers spotting a wall cloud with what seemed to be rotation.

As of this writing, no tornadoes have yet been reported, but the storms were ominous all the same. 

Here is the best selection of pictures uploaded by our viewers to The Weather Network photo galleries.

Kyle Davies, near Airdrie, Alta.

Jeff Crombie, Yarbo, Sask.

Christy Turner, Calgary, Alta.

Justin Langrock, Lacombe, Alta.

Renee Laferriere, Red Deer, Alta.

Renee Laferriere, Near Crossfield, Alta.

Robert Oldford, Blackfalds, Alta.

Christy Turner, Calgary, Alta.

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