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Homeowners suspected of poisoning trees for a better view

File photo of Scots Pines courtesy: Wikipedia.

File photo of Scots Pines courtesy: Wikipedia.

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 5:22 PM - Officials have launched an investigation after two mature trees were poisoned in what might have been an attempt to improve the view for wealthy homeowners.

Residents of Dorset, UK believe the trees were deliberately poisoned so council would have to cut the Scots pines down. 

Doing so would improve the view of Poole Bay for nearby luxury flats. It could also increase property values for the properties which are already estimated to be around $870,000 CAD, the Telegraph reports.

It appears several holes were drilled deep into the 9-metre-tall trees and chemicals poured inside.

The holes look like they were made over two different growing seasons a year apart.

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Residents noticed the trees were starting to turn brown last year and recently reported their discovery to council.

"People are very angry and it's rather nasty because we all know each other, it's like a little village here. You start to wonder about your neighbours. It's not nice," resident Colin Pipe told The Telegraph.

"It's obvious why someone has done it - people do it to improve the view and they think 'if I got rid of that it will put £15,000 value on my flat.'"

Local council says it will replace the trees if they die. If the perpetrator is identified, they plan to press charges.

Officials are asking the public to document any suspicious activity observed around the trees.

Source: The Telegraph

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