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Moving helicopters above fog

Pilots struggle with conditions in #Fogcouver

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    Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 12:20 PM -

    It looks like a scene from a Halloween movie and the conditions in #Fogcouver are expected to persist through this week. 

    According to Environment Canada, a strong ridge of high pressure has stalled over British Columbia. 

    "Under this ridge, stagnant weather conditions have led to extensive fog and low cloud as well as areas of patchy drizzle through many of the British Columbia Interior valleys," EC says. 

    Officials are warning motorists to allow more time for travel, increase following distance and slow down when driving in foggy conditions. 

    The low visibility has also impacted air travel and passengers have been urged to check the status of their flights ahead of time.

    Peter Murray with Talon Helicopters says, pilots are not permitted to fly in dense fog as they operate under visual flight rules. 

    As a result, they're forced to manually move their helicopters above the dense fog to enable assistance with the North Shore Rescue.

    "Some years this persists for many, many days, so we’ll actually take the main rotor blades off the helicopter, lift it onto a truck with a crane, and drive the aircraft up into the mountains," Murray explains. "Then we put the blades back on and fly it off the trailer so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice for the search and rescue teams." 

    While the recent fog has made road and air travel tricky, it's also inspired some spectacular photos. Take a look:

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