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A look at the active weather hitting Canada this week.

Ontario vs. Quebec: Verdict on who got the worst of winter

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, March 2, 2016, 12:06 PM - Same system, similar snowfall amounts, comparable impact on road conditions and drivers. It's safe to say a late winter storm did a number on both Ontario and Quebec.

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You could argue however, that the timing was more "ideal" for Ontarians. The system really kicked into high gear across the province during the evening and overnight hours with up to 30 cm of snow recorded in the hardest hit places by Wednesday morning. Despite some complications for the early morning commute, sunny skies have dominated the province while Quebec still deals with impact. Heavy, blowing snow picked up Wednesday morning across Quebec, creating treacherous travel and whiteout conditions.

Several photos flooded in from both provinces, so we'll let you decide who "wins" this latest winter battle.


Since we have had next to no snow since winter started, I did’t take the snowblower out of the shed in the Fall like I usually do. We have had a very mild winter so far. The couple times it did snow, it was less than an inch, and was easy to shovel. Until today. Weather forecast is calling for 12-16 inches of snow. So tonight, I went out and plowed the first bit - about 4 inches. Big Orange Monster 1 - Snow Storm 0 I think i’ll wait till the morning when the rest of snow has accumulated, to give the big guy a better workout. That was much too easy. #Snow #Winter #Snowfall #WinterStorm #Snowstorm #ONstorm #Oakville #Ontario #Canada #March #Snowblower #Ariens #SnowKing #Tecumseh #TwoStage #photooftheday #instagramers #picoftheday #instadaily #igers #igdaily #instaphoto

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Personne sur la route ce matin... #tempête #winterstorm #blanc #white #quebec #narcityquebec

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