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Weather Network meteorologists are keeping a close eye a on a line of severe storms tracking north from the US towards southwestern Ontario through to Quebec on Canada Day. Here are five things to know.

ONTARIO, QUEBEC STORMS: Five things to know

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Monday, June 30, 2014, 6:45 PM -

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Weather Network meteorologists are keeping a close eye a on a line of severe storms tracking north from the US Northern Plains towards southwestern Ontario through to Quebec on Canada Day.

Here are five things to know: 


This line of severe storms pummeled parts of the Midwest and Northern Plains in the United States on Sunday. The storms were being called a "Derecho" in the US – a term used to describe a family of thunderstorms that produces a large area of wind damage. The Weather Channel reported wind gusts over 128 km/h long with significant wind damage to trees and houses in eastern Iowa, particularly around Cedar Rapids. In nearby Fairfax, Iowa, a man died when a building collapsed during the derecho around 2:42 p.m. Central time, Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner told The Weather Channel. 

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Over 40 percent of Alliant Energy's electricity customers in Linn County have lost power as a result of tree and power line damage.


Storms are expected to track into southwestern Ontario overnight into Tuesday. Areas at risk include Windsor, Chatham and Sarnia. The storms will continue to push east into London and the GTA through the morning Tuesday and into eastern Ontario and Quebec by the afternoon/evening. 

"This line of storms will continue to weaken through the morning hours on Canada Day, but may still provide for some showers across the GTA to start the day," said Weather Network Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott. "The focus for severe thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon and evening will be across eastern Ontario and southern Quebec due to a cold front passing behind the initial system." 

Storms across all these regions should move east in time for fireworks.

EXPERT ANALYSIS The Weather Network's Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott outlines the details of a "nasty line of storms" racing towards southern Ontario and Quebec on Canada Day.


Environment Canada has yet to issue any statements with regards to wind gusts, but there have been reports south of the border of damaging gusts exceeding 100 km/h associated with this system. 

Residents are reminded to exercise caution when lighting fireworks in windy conditions

Be sure to check back as wind warnings may be issued at a later time. 


Storms associated with the cold front have the ability to produce torrential downpours, damaging gusts, hail, intense lightning and the chance of a tornado. 

Projected rainfall amounts have yet to be determined.

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As of 9 p.m. EST. areas under a watch included Windsor, Essex, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia and Lambton

Be sure to regularly visit our ALERTS page as watches and warnings may be expanded throughout the overnight. 

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Check back for updates.

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