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Northwest Ontario saw a late-night tornado warning

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, June 21, 2014, 8:57 AM - The dying hours of the spring saw a rare tornado warning in northwestern Ontario, days after a massive outbreak that saw two confirmed tornadoes in the south.

Severe thunderstorms moved through the region Friday night, one of which was powerful enough to possibly produce a twister.

That storm prompted Environment Canada to issue the tornado warning for the Kenora - Grassy Narrows - Whitedog area, at 10:26 EDT.

"The thunderstorm is located near Reddit and is moving northeast at 25 km/h," the warning text read.

The warning soon dropped and, as of Saturday morning, no damage has been reported, and Environment Canada has not issued any statements confirming whether a tornado did actually form.

Tornadoes that happen in relatively sparsely populated parts of Canada can take a long time to be confirmed by Environment Canada, given the distances involved and lack of reliable on-the-ground reports. Some tornadoes in northwestern Ontario and more rural parts of the Prairie provinces may only ever be confirmed weeks, months or years after the fact, often via photos sent in by bush pilots showing tornado damage to the landscape.

There is a risk for thunderstorms again in northwestern Ontario, with farm, humid temperatures through to the Fort Francis area.

Earlier in the day Friday, Environment Canada did confirm Ontario's fourth tornado of the season, an EF-1 twister that touched down near Stroud, in the Barrie area, as part of Tuesday's severe weather outbreak in southern Ontario.

It was the second tornado confirmed from that series of storms. The first, an EF-2, damaged several homes in the community of Angus, although no one was killed.

FEATURE VIDEO: See the tornado that passed through Angus, Ont., on Tuesday.

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