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Always a scary experience, but see why some people thought it was the actual wrath of the gods.

New earthquake rattles Los Angeles area

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    Saturday, March 29, 2014, 8:35 AM -

    After being rocked by a Magnitude 4.4 earthquake earlier this month, the Los Angeles area was rattled by yet another powerful tremor on Friday night.

    The new quake was rated M5.1, centred near Brea in Orange County at a depth of around 8 km, around 32 km away from downtown Los Angeles.

    The United States Geological Survey reported dozens of large aftershocks, including some as strong as M3.6

    There were no immediate reports of serious damage, but the region didn't escape unscathed. 

    Aside from reports of minor injuries in Orange County, broken glass, gas leaks and water main breaks were seen around the highly urbanized area.

    Authorities said the quake also triggered a rockslide in the Carbon Canyon area, causing a car to overturn. Its two occupants sustained minor injuries.

    Less seriously, social media was flooded with items off shelves, creating an easily-sorted clutter in some stores, to some more serious breakages elsewhere.

    In what may perhaps have been an unwelcome experience enhancement, it seems the quake struck at a time many theatres were showing the newly released biblical epic 'Noah.'

    It's the second powerful quake to rock Los Angeles in a two week period. The last one struck just as local station KTLA was doing its live morning broadcast.

    The news anchor's quite understandable reaction quickly went viral:

    MEANWHILE IN CANADA: We're in Storm Watch for another nor'easter approaching the east coast. Get the details here and tune in for regular TV updates.

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