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You know it's too snowy in Canada when the moose wants in

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Saturday, March 3, 2018, 2:39 PM - Temperatures in Bearspaw, Alberta may be well below seasonal, but local Sandra Forbes is warming the hearts of many with her recent moose encounter that was caught on camera.

A young female moose has been visiting Forbes for the past three years. The Albertan has a heated water tub and a mineral block in her yard for the wildlife.

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"She often steals the peanuts and seeds out of my bird feeder," Forbes told The Weather Network. "She has quickly learned that the seeds are kept in a tub by my kitchen door. A couple of times I have forgotten to close it and she has eaten a lot of peanuts."

According to Forbes, urban development in the area has cut into wildlife habitat.

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"Here in Bearspaw we have a unique population of moose that live among the acreage. My four acres are some of the few wooded areas left."

The young moose often visits Forbes along with her mother and brother. She said the animal is far from shy.

"I once took a porcupine quill out of her mom's nose. I do respect her size and that she is wild, and I do not go outside when she is here," she said.

Forbes said she is knowledgeable in wildlife behaviour as she has a degree in fisheries and wildlife management.

"We have a safety plan for the kids when they walk to the school bus in the morning," she said. 

"My yard is a safe spot where they feel comfortable. We don't bother them and my dog does not bark at or harass them. We are very fortunate to have a great wildlife experience."

WATCH BELOW: Truck driver digs out moose calf after spotting legs in the snow

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