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A storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico could bring significant snow and heavy rain to parts of eastern Canada this week.

Look Ahead: Major storm to arrive in eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes mid-week

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    Monday, November 25, 2013, 12:46 PM -

    TUNE IN: We'll keep an eye on the skies as the system approaches. Check in for regular TV updates.

    After persistent snow squalls brought up to 70 cm of snow to parts of southern Ontario this past weekend, all eyes are on the forecast for another major storm.

    This time, it's eastern Ontario and Quebec that will bear the brunt of the winter-like weather.

    "A late fall storm is expected to bring heavy snow to parts of Ontario and Quebec, with a risk of freezing rain in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec, and heavy rain to Atlantic Canada," says Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese. "The storm system will move up the Appalachian Valley in the U.S. with areas on the west side of the storm receiving heavy snow and those on the east side of the storm receiving heavy rain. Ontario will be on the west side of the track with southern Quebec balancing on the middle area of the track. Atlantic Canada will be on the east side of the track for this storm system."

    Ontario and Quebec 

    "The northern fringe of this storm will start to affect southern Ontario and Quebec Tuesday night," says Gina Ressler, another meteorologist at The Weather Network.

    While wet snow is expected to affect parts of the GTA for the evening commute on Tuesday, the heavier amounts will move into eastern Ontario and southern Quebec Tuesday evening and continue to intensify Wednesday morning. 

    "Snow will taper off during the Wednesday morning hours for the Niagara and GTA region, but continue through areas like Peterborough and east toward Ottawa and Montreal," says Vettese. 

    Montreal is right on the cusp of seeing a rain, snow mix so a changeover back and forth between rain and snow is possible throughout Wednesday, but for areas west of the city, the precipitation will stay as mainly snow.

    "The heaviest amounts of snow are looking to be for the Ottawa and Kingston areas, with upwards of 15 cm likely to fall," Ressler says. 

    "There is still some uncertainty with regards to the evolution of this system," Environment Canada adds in their special weather statement. "However, there is a possibility that some areas may see in excess of 15 centimetres of snow. There is also a risk of freezing rain."

    While lesser amounts of snow are forecast in Toronto, it could still be the heaviest snow to hit the city so far this season. 

    Lake effect snow will be especially intense Wednesday evening and overnight in the London area again and in Barrie Wednesday night through Thursday morning. 

    Atlantic Canada

    The same storm bringing snow to parts of Ontario and Quebec will also hit the Maritimes mid-week.

    "The precipitation could start out as snow on Tuesday, but will change to mainly rain as the Maritimes stay on the mild side of this system and double digit temperatures are forecast Wednesday," says Ressler. "Parts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick could see very heavy rain and strong winds with this storm with between 30-50 mm possible."

    The rain is expected to move into Newfoundland late-day on Wednesday and into Thursday. 

    To keep up to date with these and more weather stories, make sure to tune into The Weather Network. You can also check the weather warnings in your area by heading to the Alerts section of the website.

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