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The floods got the better of this car. Luckily nobody was in the vehicle.

13 images of the devastating floods in Texas and Oklahoma

Katie Jones
Digital Reporter

Monday, May 25, 2015, 4:12 PM -

Memorial Day weekend festivities were likely cancelled in parts of Texas, as wicked storms have pounded parts of the south with fierce winds and heavy rain this weekend, causing dangerous flooding and igniting a flurry of weather warnings across two states.

Twelve people have been reported missing following the flash floods.

More than 300 millimetres of rain has fallen on parts of southcentral Texas since Saturday, prompting officials to declare states of disaster in 24 counties.

Waves of floodwater have destroyed or damaged around 1000 homes, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes, or simply wait to be resuced. 

The worst of the flooding has occurred along the Blanco River, which rose more than ten feet in just three hours overnight Saturday -- shattering a flood record dating back to 1929. Rising waters washed out a bridge running across the river early Sunday.

Numerous roads and major interstates have been closed as river waters breach their banks, submerging vehicles and littering streets with debris.

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By Sunday, waters surged downstream into the connecting San Marcos River, prompting a flash flood emergency for the surrounding region, located between San Antonio and Austin.

Intense thunderstorms also packed a punch with strong winds on Saturday night, ripping roofs off many structures, blowing out windows and toppling trees.

To make matters even worse, warming temperatures have helped spark tornado warnings as the rain continues to fall. Tornadoes have been confirmed in Houston and the coastal city of Corpus Christi, according to the National Weather Service.

A curfew of 9 p.m. has been imposed for Sunday night, in an effort to keep local residents off the roads as storms are expected to rage on into Monday.

Torrential downpours have also inundated areas of neighbouring Oklahoma along the Texas border. Countless water rescues and evacuations have been conducted by officials in both states since Saturday. 

At least one person has died as a result of severe weather. A firefighter drowned while attempting to rescue a fellow firefighter from a swollen storm drain in the city of Claremore.

Here are 13 dramatic images that capture the destruction of flash flooding this weekend:

Source: The Weather Channel

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