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ICYMI: Five must-read stories of the week

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, April 25, 2014, 11:39 AM -

Another week has buzzed by and now it's time to dive deep and bring your attention to the most popular (and bizarre) stories that made headlines this week.

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Since we're all bound to miss a few things during the daily grind, here's this week's edition of The Weather Network's In Case You Missed It: Five must-read stories.

5. 10 green personal makeover tips

In honour of Earth Day and Earth Action Week here at The Weather Network, we've compiled a must see green beauty guide that you just can't live without.

Out with old, and in with the new. Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, so what better time to revamp your daily routine than at the start of a promising season?

4. The man with the golden gut

You've heard of people described as having hearts of gold, but what about someone with a bellyfull of the precious metal? That's what doctors in New Delhi found when a man arrived from overseas in severe discomfort.

What medics found when they were forced to operate was rather more pricey and presumably more painful.

12 gold bars!

WARNING! Some may find the images in this gold bar removal video to be graphic.

3. Senior gambles at train crossing and gets lucky

This latest near-miss with a train seems even more unbelievable than the head kicking extreme selfie we posted last week.

The YouTube video posted here shows a 77-year-old man being clipped by a train with his shoe flying several feet in the air.

2. Iceberg six times the size of Manhattan has drifted out to sea

This story was easily one of the most read stories of the week and you'll understand why once you take a closer look.

APRIL 2011 TORNADO OUTBREAK: "Personally, I packed our safe, wedding album and a few other valuables in the trunk of our car..."

In November 2013 a massive iceberg called B31 separated from Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier, embarking on a journey across the Pine Island Bay. Scientists at NASA have been keeping a close eye on this enormous ice island, roughly six times the size of Manhattan.

Now, after five months of drifting, B31 has been picked up by the currents of the Southern Ocean and is drifting out to sea.

Courtesy: NASA

Courtesy: NASA

1. Canada's twisters: Where's our tornado alley?

Currently holding the #1 spot for page views for the entire month of April, this article from Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese has certainly captured the attention of thousands.

More and more, Canadians are becoming aware of tornadoes and we can attribute part of that increase in knowledge and consciousness to social media.

We tend to know a lot about tornadoes in the United States and what areas are more prone to them but, when it comes to tornadoes in Canada, the knowledge isn’t as widespread.

This article and accompanying video documents several items: what tornadoes are, where tornadoes occur most in Canada, some of the research being done on tornadoes in Canada, and how we can stay safe.

Tornadoes per year per province and nationally. Source: *Ongoing* research, Environment Canada (Sills et al).

ICYMI: Five must-read stories of the week
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