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Here's what bears do when they think we're not looking

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    Daniel Martins
    Digital Reporter

    Saturday, August 3, 2013, 6:28 AM -

    So here's what Canada's largest predator does when there's no one around:

    That tree is known as a "communications" or "rub" tree, and those brown behemoths aren't just scratching their backs for the pure satisfaction of it (although we're sure it's pretty satisfying). They're actually leaving their scent on the bark as a form of communication to their fellow forest dwellers.

    We'd have filmed this just for the adorableness factor, but scientists have trained cameras on this and other trees in Alberta's Kananaskis Country for a study into how multiple species use Alberta's mountainous landscape.

    Alberta Parks says scientists can use sites all across the province for scientific research, aside from the parks system's 8.5 million annual visits from campers and hikers.

    Want more fuzziness? There's plenty more in our animal video gallery.

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