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Fordite: A unique material that can only be found in Detroit

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Thursday, May 22, 2014, 3:16 PM - Fordite is a versatile substance that's being used to create incredible trinkets, and it can only be found in Detroit.

Fordite, or Detroit agate, is taking the eco-fashion industry by storm.

Commonly used to make jewelry, pens and cuff links -- among other things -- this incredible material can only be found in Detroit near the automobile plants.

The substance was formed back in the days when cars were spray painted.

Thousands upon thousands of layers of paint would accumulate on the skids that the cars were painted on. It would eventually need to be scraped off, creating the by-product that's now referred to as Fordite.

Unfortunately, it is a limited resource.

The industrial practices that led to its creation are no longer in use and modern methods of painting cars leave little waste behind.

For the time being the material can be purchased online -- but you'll have to act fast, before it's all used up.


Courtesy: Fordite Cabochons/Facebook


Courtesy: Elaine Sweeney/Flickr


Courtesy: Imgur


Courtesy: Fordite/Facebook


Courtesy: Fordite Cabochons/Facebook

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