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Flossie downgraded from tropical storm; Hawaii islands still wet, windy.

Flossie downgraded to post-tropical storm, drenches parts of Hawaii with rain

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 7:18 AM -

After moving through Hawaii as a tropical storm, Flossie was downgraded to a tropical depression Monday night. The storm has since weakened to a post-tropical storm.

The National Weather Service cancelled all storm warnings for Hawaii on Monday evening, keeping a flash flood watch in effect statewide until Tuesday night. The service later issued a flash flood warning for Maui, where live television footage showed thunder and lightning, fast-moving clouds and plenty of rain and wind.

Officials say the winds and heavy rainfall knocked out power for about 6,500 people on Maui and the Big Island. More power outages and road closures are possible Tuesday as the storm continues to weaken.


Between August 8 and August 16, 2007, the same region was hit with winds of 220 km/h and 150 mm of rain, courtesy of another Hurricane Flossie.

The storm prompted several tropical storm warnings on the big islands.

Thankfully, Flossie had little impact.

The storm lost strength rapidly due to cooler sea surface temperatures and high wind shear, deteriorating into a tropical storm by August 16.

No major damages were reported.

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Current tropical activity

Current tropical activity

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