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... and early snow means good news for tree farmers.

First snow of the season good news for Christmas tree farmers

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    Friday, November 8, 2013, 2:50 PM -

    We're already seeing holiday ads on TV.

    Believe it or not, there's only 46 days until Christmas -- and in some places, the snow has already started.

    That's good news for Christmas tree farmers like Deb Krueger in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

    "You have to love what you're doing to be a tree farmer because it takes such a long time to get a crop."

    Overseeing 30,000 trees takes tons of practice.

    "A 6 foot tree is probably about 10 years, if we get water, if we get sun, if we get the right growing conditions," Krueger says.

    And conditions on her 4-generation farm recently got better.

    Snow hit the region earlier this week. That provides extra water for the growing trees, causing them to perk up.

    With a labour of love like this, tree farmers know that money doesn't grow on trees -- but thanks to some aptly-timed flurries, it can come from them. 

    Santa's on his way
    Snow falls in one of the world's driest areas
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