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Lake-effect snow off of Lake Erie hit the Buffalo region hard Monday, dumping about 5 cm per hour in some places.

Famous frozen car towed, leaves behind hilarious reminder

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Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 3:42 PM - Lake-effect snow off of Lake Erie hit the Buffalo, NY, region hard Monday, dumping in excess of 5 cm per hour in some places.

The conditions also helped generate a lot of ice, which was front and centre for one car owner. Justin Yelen, 24, learned that the hard way when he returned to his car and found it completely frozen.

The photo was first shared by a local broadcaster, WKBW-TV, and it has since gone viral with thousands of views and comments. However, what happened when the car was eventually removed from its resting spot may force a rare double-viral for the owner, as the ice casing it produced is equally remarkable as the original frozen sedan. Take a look:

Yelen told the news outlet he had left his car by the water Sunday night into Monday morning because he had had a few drinks with friends and didn't want to drive.

Before the tow occurred Yelen told reporters he doesn't know how he's going to remove the ice.

"I hope summer comes soon," he said.

When asked if there could be damage to the vehicle, he said he hopes there isn't, but “there probably is.”

Source: WKBW-TV

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