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Bailey is soon to be reunited with his former owner after being stolen away six years ago.

Dog reunited with owner SIX years after disappearing

Saturday, September 20, 2014, 12:38 PM - They're called man's best friend for a good reason—the bond between a dog and its owner is incredibly important.

Which made it understandable when Grisel Jaramillo was devastated after her four-year-old Yorkie Bailey disappeared right in front of her home 

Shortly after Christmas, Texas-native Jaramillo woke up and realized her dog was nowhere to be found. When her husband couldn't find the dog, they ran outside and started asking neighbours.

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A nearby jogger mentioned that someone picked up Bailey and took him into a van.

For six years, Jaramillo looked for her dog with diminishing hopes of reuniting. The dog was one of most important members of her family. Bailey was the ring bearer at her wedding and was a part of her family before the Jaramillos' three children.

But on Tuesday, a phone call from a different state informed her of the great news: her dog had been found in Indianapolis. Bailey had been taken to a Pet Hospital by a woman and when the vets realized the dog was microchipped they checked to see if anyone was missing the animal?

Bailey was in poor condition when they handed him over to the hospital. He was full of fleas and had a bad mouth infection.

The family set up a personal page to raise the nearly $1000 that they require for travel fees. The extra money will be allocated to the care of the dog.

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