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'Despicable' minion goes on a rampage in Ireland


Monday, August 3, 2015, 4:29 PM - Talk about movie promo taken too far.

The cute little Minions have been everywhere this summer, from bus stands to roadside billboards. But in north Dublin, a giant inflatable Minion may be stopping people from driving to their nearest theatre.

On August 2nd, the giant yellow minion broke loose from its restraints and was carried by the strong winds into traffic, making the prop as seemingly mischievous as its movie counterpart.

Another person had captured a pic of the grand piece of promotional material being inflated earlier that day.

Once the villainous little monster got loose, the 40-ft high minion blocked circulation on Old Swords Road. The police force of Ireland, commonly known as the Gardai, had to be called in to stop the 'Despicable Me' character. They arrived at the scene and proceeded to let the air out.

While no injuries were reported, the minion did knock off the left mirror of a car, according to the Journal.


However one councillor in Ireland thinks the Minion could have had a more "sinister" consequence. Paul McCauliffe said asked City Council to investigate if the Minion was subject to any regulation and if the health and safety measures were being followed.

For now it looks like the Minion might not be getting off easy.

Source: The Journal

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