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Crash, fuel spill closes Highway 401's eastbound express lanes early Wednesday

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 7:12 AM -

A tractor-trailer fuel spill forced the closure of Highway 401's eastbound express lanes early Wednesday morning.

Officials say the truck's gas tank was ruptured after a single-vehicle collision.

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"Hwy 401 EB Express UNDER Hwy 427: ALL lanes are closed for several hours for the fuel spill clean up. USE an alternate route this morning," tweeted Ontario Provincial Police early Wednesday. "NO injuries," police officials confirmed.

According to fire crews, the truck spilled a "significant amount of fuel," which was covering about 300 metres of the highway and creating a really slick surface. 

The ongoing rainy conditions also added to the clean-up challenges.

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The rain is expected to continue through Thursday with an additional 10-20 mm possible in some places.

The Ministry of the Environment was called to the scene to assess the fuel spill and all lanes of the highway were opened before 11 am.

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