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Could snow-covered sidewalks be a thing of the past in eastern Canada?

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Sunday, January 26, 2014, 5:04 PM -

Icy sidewalks, slushy roads, metre-high snow drifts -- ask anyone who’s spent time in a Canadian city during colder months, and they’ll tell you that Walking in a Winter Wonderland can be overrated.

But when it comes to violent winter storms, Canada is certainly not alone.

Reykjavik, Iceland, also known as the most northerly capital city in the world, ranks as one of the top ten snowiest cities in the world. There, snow can be expected from November through to March, but with temperatures not budging far above freezing for the rest of the year. There is always a chance of snow in Reykjavik. So how does a country cope in year-long battle with Old Man Winter? Heated sidewalks, of course.

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The volcanic island of Iceland has used geothermal heat to keep its roadways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice for the past 10 years. And although the concept may sound futuristic, we wondered if something like this would be possible here in Canada.

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On Saturday we took you to the west, where the majority of the public felt it be best to put the idea of heated sidewalks on ice. Would the same be said about eastern Canada? Our bureaus took to the streets from Toronto to Halifax, to see what you had to say. 

CLICK TO WATCH: First stop, Toronto 

With the recent ice storm fresh on people’s minds, it’s no wonder some were in full support of the idea:

'Don’t even ask', say Toronto officials:

CLICK TO WATCH: The Weather Network’s Ottawa reporter, Arda Ocal, might be onto something… 

Heated sidewalks? Ha! Now THIS is what the city needs:

CLICK TO WATCH: Nathan Coleman is always one step ahead in Halifax 

Take the environmentally friendly, clean and easy approach to dealing with icy streets:

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