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Community comes together in wake of major avalanche

Community comes together in wake of major avalanche

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    Saturday, March 1, 2014, 11:49 AM -

    Dozens of shovels hit the snow, as people across Missoula, Montana came together to aid law enforcement in recovering three victims from an avalanche. 

    "We were out building a snow fort and we saw fire trucks driving by and a cop said 'if you have a shovel run up the street'," said one area resident. 

    The avalanche roared into a residential neighbourhood on Friday, destroying one home and sending three to hospital. 

    "It was scary as heck because when I hear there might have been someone in there -- and I smelt the gas I just wanted to help the other people." recalled another resident. 

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    As word of the disaster travelled across town, dozens of residents crowded the area trying to find out how they could help out until the last victim was transported to the hospital. 

    "That's the great thing about this community is everyone is so willing to help each other in any situation, especially in this sort of weather and when a family is involved." 

    The Missoula International School has offered any residents whose homes were affected by the avalanche a place to stay for the night.

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