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The pattern has been changing and evolving in a rapid manner across Canada with January having a pattern conducive to low pressure systems moving north into the northern B.C. and Yukon region then sliding south across the Prairies, circumventing the southern regions of the province. 

As February progresses, we’re getting into a pattern for the next couple of weeks conducive to cold air outbreaks across British Columbia. Tuesday morning, several unofficial cold records were broken across the province. Vancouver airport reached a low of -5°C this morning with a wind chill feeling like -11. 

Though it’s not often we get such cold wind chills along the south coast of B.C., we have seen temperatures colder than this before. The coldest wind chill ever recorded at Vancouver airport was -28 on December 16, 1964. The day time high has been hovering close to the zero mark on Tuesday as well making it coldest day since about December 10, 2013. 

Arctic Outflow Warnings were issued for certain coastal areas of B.C. due to gusty outflow winds and wind chills close to -20 to -25.

B.C. Wind Chills:

This pattern is also favourable for a type of jetstream that will steer low pressure systems toward the coast. 

Several models are indicating below normal temperatures will stick around in B.C. until the beginning of next week where these coastal systems will help to bring in some milder air. 

This pattern will be decent amount of precipitation to B.C. with mountain snow but even some coastal snow.     

Several forecast models are indicating the potential for some snow along the south coast for this weekend. The models are hinting at a low pressure system to makes its way onto the B.C. coast while temperatures will begin cold enough at first to see some snowfall accumulation in the metro area. 

Now, this is quite a few days out so nothing is set in stone but it is certainly something to keep an eye on as the weekend draws near. 

B.C. Snow:

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