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Canadians are used to preparing for winter storms, not for a hurricane this early in the season.

5 Important Tips to Prepare for Arthur

Chris St. Clair
Weather Broadcaster

Friday, July 4, 2014, 9:52 AM -

Hurricane Arthur is set to cross Atlantic Canada beginning late Friday night, and here are five important steps to help you prepare for the wild weather ahead. 

1. Ensure you have bottled or potable water to last a few days.
You should have several litres of water set aside, per person per day. The public water supply can quickly become contaminated due to prolonged power outages or flooding in the watershed.

2. Charge all batteries and cell phones.

3. Top up your propane tank and your vehicle.
Although you shouldn’t heat your home with a propane barbecue, when the power is out it offers a good means of cooking food and purifying water. Having your vehicles fueled up is always a good idea during any storm - you never know when you may need to travel, and how far you may have to go.

4. Get some cash.
Remember, when the power is out the use of ATMs is impossible, and the same goes for making any Interac or credit card purchases. Having cash in your pocket ensures you can purchase what you need, and possibly even skip the lineup.

5. Check your property for weak tree limbs, and remember to secure outdoor furniture.
The trees are in full foliage now, and unlike the fall, the leaves are firmly fixed to their branches. The opportunity for downed trees and tree limbs is much higher at this time of year. With this storm, winds could reach 100 km/h, so power outages are likely. Also, to avoid insurance claims next week, have a good look around your property (and you neighbours’) to ensure any weak trees or limbs are secured. If possible, bring your outdoor furniture indoors. If not, ensure they are secured, and check the path of power lines to your home.

Finally, and most importantly, stay inside and wait it out. Be sure to check in with us on your phone or on the web- The Weather Network will bring you live coverage on all of our media platforms for the duration of this event.

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