PHOTOS: Burst of snow surprises Calgary during morning commute

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Folks across Alberta’s central and northern foothills contended with a sudden, overachieving burst of snow for the Friday morning commute.

A surprise, overachieving swath of snow formed over Alberta’s central and northern foothills during Friday’s morning commute, dumping double-digit snowfall totals across the Calgary metro. The vigorous snowfall sent crews scurrying to keep the roads clear amid the furious pace of the flakes.

The snow started early in Calgary and picked up intensity through the morning commute. Snowfall continued through the noon hour, slowly tapering for most of the foothills through the afternoon.


Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued a snowfall warning for much of the region as the snow started piling up. The warning advised residents that they could expect 10-15 cm of rapid accumulation during the heavy band.

Forecasters across the board were taken off-guard by the enthusiasm of the vigorous little batch of snow.

The same trough responsible for the high-impact storm looming for the eastern Prairies was also responsible for this sudden burst of snow across the Alberta foothills. The convective nature of the band allowed snowfall rates to exceed all expectations and accumulate in a hurry.

calgary snow plows april 22 2022

A screenshot of Calgary’s Road Conditions Map during the early afternoon hours on April 22, 2022. (City of Calgary)

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Calgary’s road crews were quick to stay on top of the storm. The city’s large fleet of plows and sanders—newly dubbed with adoring names like Eiffel Plower, Plowabunga, and Bob—immediately went to work to facilitate traffic flow amid the unexpected wintry outburst.

The city’s transportation Twitter account reported dozens of accidents and traffic incidents across the community at the height of the storm, which lowered visibility and left roads covered in a thick coating of fluffy snow.

Catch some of the best visuals from Alberta’s sudden snowfall below, as seen across social media.

Thumbnail courtesy of Maureen Wharton in Calgary.