Let it snow: A flurry of storms in January captures the attention of Canadians

It was an active month for weather in January -- from the memorable blizzard in Newfoundland to numerous weekend snowfalls in Ontario

Winter 2020 was off to a stormy start, as what had been a slow kickoff to the season across most of Canada reversed course in January and gave Canadians a healthy dose of what weather usually looks like during the cold months.

That being said, it's no surprise that content from the historic, record-setting snowstorm in Newfoundland makes up the majority of The Weather Network's best viewer videos in January.

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Nova Scotia and P.E.I. were also hit by a wintry blast last month, with one particular storm on Wednesday, Jan. 8 shutting down schools in both provinces and having a widespread impact on all travel in the region.

Moving west, Ontario and Quebec had their share of snow (and freezing rain and ice), with both provinces experiencing multiple weekend storms including one event that led to new record daily snowfalls in two cities in the former.

Speaking of the west, and although absent from the video, but worth mentioning, was the prolonged and unrelenting deep freeze in the Prairies that, at the time, looked like it wouldn't release its grip. It produced record-setting lows and dangerous wind chills.

It also led to this viral video from The Weather Network's Kyle Brittain, who created the #FrozenJeansFrisbeeChallenge, which landed a mention from Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

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To say the least, January was a memorable month for active weather across Canada.

Thumbnail courtesy of Steve Halley.